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Silkscreen Fabric Art by Ben Asbury (A.X.) is for sale.
All singular prints are $10 ppd.
Print sizes vary but most prints are about 8"x 10"
Email: axxaabraxas (at) gmail (dot) com for availability.

Tapestry of the Unraveling Mind. 2013.
Edition of 5.  An entire years worth of fabric pieces (26 total)
hand sewn together for a roughly 6.5'x 4.5' wall display piece.
There are only 3 of these available so if you are interested please email me at:
axxaabraxas (at) gmail (dot) com

Individual prints:

No Future. January 2013
Time Has No Meaning When You Come From The Mountain. 
January/ February 2013
Maybe Man Wasn't Meant To Live In Space. February 2013
The Flowering Man. February 2013
Expressions Speak Volumes. February/ March 2013
Le Grande Illusion. March 2013
Vacation Thrills! March 2013
Cosmic Rays (Science in Motion). March 2013
SRP-1953//Power Like the Sun's.  March 2013
The Fraying Moral Fiber. March 2013
is it sincere? March 2013
The Flowering Hand of Reason. March/April 2013
Odd One Out on the River of Doubt. May 2013
All Becoming Begins with the Birds and the Bees. May 2013
Balloons 40 Years Ago Proved Cosmic Rays Came from Space. May 2013
Smoke Rising (Night Falls on Tenochtilan). May/June 2013
Arachnophobia. June 2013
Modern Primitive. July 2013
Born and Built to be Destroyed. July 2013
Dust Bowl Blues. July 2013
No Biz like Show Biz. October 2013
Time Cave (Inner Exploration). October 2013
Ritualistic Existence (Outline of our Time). November 2013
Boarder Line // Obscured. November 2013
Mechanical Wasteland. December 2013
The Parallel. December 2013

For availability please email: axxaabraxas (at) gmail (dot) com