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Welcome to the new RTA store!
Single tapes are $6/double tapes are $10
If you are outside of the US or are making a large order please email first:
axxaabraxas (at) gmail (dot) come
Also, check out the Art store to grip original silkscreen pieces by Ben Asbury (A.X.) of Axxa/Abraxas.

Available releases:

Axxa/Abraxas- Shape-Shifting (rta/dbt-004)

First release under the Axxa/Abraxas moniker.  Mostly instrumental psych burners that take you on a guided tour through a variety of sonic landscapes.  Only a few copies remain and this is the last of the Pre-Captured Tracks Axxa releases, so jump on it quick or you'll miss out.

Aprotag- Practices (rta-007)

First physical release for this Athens, GA minimal drone project of JJ Posway.  Four slices of rough ambience and crunchy slow burning goodness.  Late night vibes for creepy crawlers.

mill (rta-008)

Droning harsh noise from Asheville, NC soundscapers Josh Clark and Devin LeCroy.  Abandoned warehouse vibes, worshipping the decay of the past in present.

DJ Mickey- Spaghetti House (rta-009)

First physical release following the original "For the Children..." digital release for this wierdo electronic duo.  A creative take on improvised electronics by traveling through spastic electronic zone with acid washed vocals and, increasingly so, manipulated samples.  


A.X. - Desolation (Inner Space) (rta-010)

Drifting, zero gravity analog synth musings.  Soundtrack to space travel with emphasis on the mechanics behind the vehicle.  Only a few the OG cassettes of this remain in the wake of the Captured Tracks reissue of the tape that is included in the limited Axxa/Abraxas LPs.

A.X. - Night/ Day (cdt 002)

A.X. release for cd's tapes that is a long time coming.  Drone oriented psych burners make their way to creepy synth zones and even touch base with electronic dance music.  The ending is the perfect segway from this release to the Desolation release on RTA.


Biorhythmic Hemispheres (RTA-011)

Drifting improvised guitar ragas/ experimentation.  Recorded to handheld in 2008, this is the earliest recorded experimental music by Ben Asbury.   Raw and punchy at times and sweetly ambient at others, this is a recording I've revisited over and over through the years and am glad to finally have out on cassette. Edition of 18 double sided silkscreen j-cards.

Stan Flexin' (RTA-012)

Collaboration between the infamous DJ Mickey and Asheville modular mane Tann Jones.  An album of great contrast.  Side A begins in a dancey sort of mode, while side B gets damaged and devolves into more of a drone zone.  Edition of 24 double sided silkscreen j-cards.

Flaccid Blast- There Is No Hope (RTA-013)

Improvised Fuzz/ Noise-Punk trio.  Incredibly well formed punk songs with intermittent extended fuzzed out jams.  Pure raw intensity.  Simultaneously lamenting and celebrating the darker aspects of human existence.  Edition of 13 with double sided silkscreened j-cards.

Cave Needles- Allegory of the Cave (RTA-014)

Summery shoegazey indie rock with a dark punk/ post-punk informed edge from Michigan.  
Solid earworm guitar lines with expressive vocals, this will be a staple of yr car's cassette
deck this summer.  Edition of 100 with double-sided silkscreen j-cards per usual.
Catch Cave Needles as they tour the north east and grab one from them, we only have a limited supply here so get on it.


DJ Mickey- All Fruits Ripe & Night Terrors 2xc40 (RTA-015/ OPT-001)

Its finally here, yr next dose of weirdo dub noise from classic RTA group, DJ Mickey!!
This is a double cassette featuring 80 minutes of some of the most horroshow tracks yet,
guaranteed to make you feel weird. Perfect for a dance party with the homicidal schizo waiting for you with a knife in yr shower. Edition of 40 with two double sided silkscreened j-cards with fronts form a full, wrap around image!  only 20 available direct from RTA.

To buy this by itself please paypal $13 (ppd) to:
1ben1 (at) bellsouth (dot) net
(paypal wont let me make a functional button for this one for some reason)

Andy Loebs- The Shell and Spectacle'd (RTA-016)

Very excited to present my favorite recordings by prolific AVL musician and Axxa/Abraxas live drummer/ bassist Andy Loebs!  This tape is heavily influenced by Kosmische music and is a starry look into musician during some trying times. Stand still and watch the times move by in their unrelenting momentum. Edition of 36 with double-sided silkscreened j-cards. Mixed/ Mastered in house by A.X.

RTA release can generally also be found on Tomentosa as well as in Wuxtry records in Athens and Harvest records in Asheville.