Saturday, October 27, 2012

And We're Back!

From our unintentional 4 month hiatus!

Things are picking back up over here in the Time Cave, with some exciting new things on the horizon.

FIRST AND FOREMOST:  after about a year of writing, recording, mixing, and designing, the release of Axxa/Abraxas II: Time Inside is immanent.  Last night I completed the Silk-Screen Printed Cover Flaps that attach to the Double Slip Cover that houses the Orange c41 cassettes!  Its lookin' pretty nifty and the tunes are sounding the best they ever have.  Keep an eye out in the next couple of days for a larger post with tunes, photos and, of course, paypal buttons.

NEXT:  I've got a couple new songs I've recorded/ am recording that will be released sometime in the next month or two as a cassingle for this song here:

FINALLY: For all my buddies in the AVL,  if all goes as planned I'll but around in the middle of November, keepin' it reel.  Should be playing a show on November 17 somewhere in the area.  Will hit y'all with more details as thing become more firm.

Until next time, keep it reel.