Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New DJ Mickey and Andy Loebs Tapes out today!

Today marks the releases of some of the most exciting tapes that 
I've been lucky enough to be able to release!

RTA-015/ OPT-001:  DJ Mickey- 'All Fruits Ripe' & 'Night Terrors' 2xc40

Back again with 80 minutes of the finest dub/ horror film influenced Noise.  The packaging on this bad boy is stellar the fronts of the two silkscreened j-cards form a wrap around image with the back sides having their own vibe.  Tapes are 'scrap metal' colored with individual blood splatter designs on sides A & D, unique to each tape. This tape hits many different zones from dance party vibe to blood-curdling drones, a must have.

RTA-016- Andy Loebs- The Shell and Spectacle'd

Beautiful and deeply personal kosmische influence synth jams featuring bass and baritone guitar.  Perfect music for drifting through space or reflecting on the world as it glides past. Honestly one of my favorite releases on the label, and my favorite recordings by this prolific Avl musician.  Also one of the touring members of Axxa/ Abraxas. Crucial grip.

(Sample coming soon)

Get both for $18 ppd (would be $21 if ordered separately)

or just grip one from the RTA store, where several releases have now gone OOP.

Thanks everybody!